Katya Bondar Performance Artist

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Raving Gagarin


Archeology of Memory, Workshop at Sakharov Center, Moscow, Russia
29 June 2019


Raving Gagarin choreography project is based on the rave history in USSR in 90-s.

The rave culture in the USSR was born in the period of relative freedom of the late 80s and early 90s. At this time, squats where sensitive people, artists, musicians were hanging out, creating, searching for the boundaries of new freedom, “making flights into space”, began to appear. In this atmosphere passion for techno music was born, and so, a rave phenomenon emerged. And it seems to me that raves in the USSR, especially Gagarin-Party, carried in themselves wild energy, freedom of movement, something real that can be felt without putting on words and meaning. The first rave took place on December 14, 1991, and on December 25, Gorbachev resigned.

It’s quite interesting that with the collapse of the USSR, the rave is actually “falling apart” as the gangsters came and displace the ravers and actually the freedom. Today I think, it is impossible to plunge into the atmosphere of the first Soviet raves as for now techno-parties often go to commerce, media and consumption.

Concept by:Performer(s):
Katya Bondar, Pavel Bulgakov, Lucien Lubimova, Louise Ushakova, Elena Gorlatova
Supported by:
Pavel Bulgakov