Katya Bondar Performance Artist

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This Is A Lecture ... This Is A Queer Object


KNIFE Festival 2019, Moscow, Russia
23 March 2019


Queer culture in 2018 finally burst out of the close community into the big world. It seems that the future lies with it — and what do we know about its past? Habitual appeals for history to museums and archives are still often struck by the marginality and unexplored queer experience, but large institutions, brave activists and attentive artists are already correcting this. The Tate of London hosts an exhibition of queer art, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Cambridge Museum of Zoology come up with queer tours. In Russia, archives of material evidence from hate crimes are archived, in Australia — unremarkable everyday queer things, in the USA — works of queer Muslim artists.

  • How do museums change when they begin to collect queer objects?
  • How does the fluid and elusive queer theory put up with the museum’s habit of typing everything?
  • And the most importantly, why do we all need our own queer museum?
Concept by:Performer(s):
Katya Bondar, Olga Tarakanova